Aron Ottignon Band

8.30pm-9.30pm, Saturday 4th November, WPAC Theatre
10.00pm-11.00pm, Sunday 5th November, WPAC Theatre

Aron Ottignon is an extremely gifted pianist. Prizes have been rained on him ever since he began playing. Aron hasn’t deviated an inch from his priority: to compose, develop and spread his own music. In 2015, one after another, came two EPs (Starfish and Waves) that left quite an impression. They were a foretaste of 2017, which is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Aron. It begins with a new EP, Nile, whose title-track is a composition he has dedicated to his sister, singer Holly Ottignon. It’s all there: the breathing melody and the power in the rhythm, loops of organic piano inherited from electro, the shimmer of steel drums. Many compositions, incidentally, are structured around a drum motif: Aron has a fantasy in which each of his fingertips is a drumstick.  Against all mercantile logic, Aron Ottignon has chosen to produce instrumental music that combines the ambition of jazz with pop melodies, echoes of world music and electronic effects.

Band members performing:

  • Aron Ottingnon (piano)
  • Samuel Dubois (steel pan)
  • Kuba Gudz (drums)

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