6.00pm-7.00pm, Sunday 5th November, St Pat’s Hall

CARBO CARTER GUNNOO is bassist Isaac Gunnoo, drummer Maddison Carter and siblings Flora (saxophone) and Theo Carbo (guitar). Formed in mid 2015, they began creating music in the Carbo’s lounge room. Since then they have performed many times around Melbourne, playing at Uptown Jazz Café and Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, along with performances at Bar 303, Cross Street and the Toff in Town.

Isaac, Maddison, Flora and Theo all compose for the group, expressing their individual creative interests and exploring unique approaches to ensemble improvisation within the jazz quartet format.

Band members performing:

  • Theo Carbo (guitar)
  • Flora Carbo (sax)
  • Maddison Carter (drums)
  • Isaac Gunnoo (bass)

Performer Links

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