Eugene Ball 4tet

8pm, Saturday October 29 – WPAC Hall

You may recall trumpeter Eugene Ball from performances with bands that include the Andrea Keller Quartet, the Allan Browne Quintet, the Australian Art Orchestra, the Hoodangers and many, many more. Ever so occasionally, when he thinks no one is listening, he steps out of the shadows to assume the narcissistic role of bandleader. Fortunately, on these occasions, James McCauley (trombone), James McClean (drums), and Mick Meagher (electric bass) have the decency to humor Eugene’s delusions with great generosity and delicacy. This will be the 4tet’s first performance at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, and its first festival appearance since the the release of their debut album, Hi(gh) Curious, which can be found lurking at

“one of the most startling jazz records, unified yet diverse, that I have heard for some time” – John Clare, music

“‘Spectacular’ is an understatement” – Nikos Fotakis,

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