Geoff Achison & The Soul Diggers

10.15pm, Saturday October 29 – Blues Stage
5pm, Sunday October 30 – Blues Stage

Celebrated guitar virtuoso backed up by an all-star band, Geoff Achison & The Soul Diggers invoke the spirit of the Blues & Soul greats to create superb and exciting original music. Famously traveling the globe as a soloist and employing the best musicians available to form his dynamic band, Geoff Achison has established himself as a firm favourite on UK, US and Aussie blues/roots scenes. After many years living and touring in America’s deep south, Geoff continues to refine his unique playing style and grow his repertoire drawing on a heart full of experience.

A highly regarded singer, songwriter and guitarist, Geoff and his band, The Souldiggers, present a show that is rich in blues history yet irresistibly danceable with soul drenched vocals, exciting guitar work and a stack of contemporary, funky grooves. Joining Geoff are Richard Tankard (keyboards), Roger McLachlan (bass guitar) and Gerry Pantazis (drums).

“Never, ever miss an opportunity to see Geoff Achison perform live.”
-Hittin’ The Note Magazine USA

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