High Society Jazz Orchestra

10am, Saturday October 30 – Pinsent Hotel (with Dr V’s Swing Thing)

High Society Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2007 by prominent Wangaratta-based musician and music teacher Doug McGregor. Initially focusing on the “hot, sweet and novelty” sounds of the 1920s and 30s, the orchestra also plays music from other genres including the male “crooners” and the swinging big band sounds of the 1940s.

Rob Humphrey provides an authentic interpretation of male vocals of the era, while Jo Cossor brings a range of vocal styles from Betty Boop to Ella Fitzgerald.

A major feature of the group is the “Society Sisters”. Jo is joined by Treena Costin and Alison Davey to faithfully reproduce the three-part female vocal harmonies made famous initially by the Boswell Sisters in the 1920s and 30s, and later by the Andrews Sisters.

Rounding out the orchestra, the group has four reeds, a violin, two trumpets, trombone and rhythm section. Come along and be transformed back to a bygone era of carefree music, dancing, flappers and feather boas!

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