Hoodoo Mayhem

9.00pm-11.45pm, Sunday 5th November 2017, The Pinsent Hotel

At it’s inception, the group formed performing repertoire from the original New Orleans street bands like Dirty Dozen. As time went on, the sound and influence broadened from the Second Line, Funk and Hip Hop of Nawlins to include Latin flavours of Central and South America infused with modern melodies. The uniqueness and exiting edge that Hoodoo have comes from their original compositions. Sousaphone player Nathan Ford brings most of the tunes, which are all playful and upbeat while remaining sophisticated and captivating.

Above all, Hoodoo Mayhem are fun. The dirty grooves and tantalising soloists get in to your soul and extract the part that makes us all smile. It’s loud, it’s honest, and it’s got that thing that makes your back-bone shiver and your hip bones swing.

Hoodoo players all perform regularly in ensembles like Public Opinion, Bombay Royal, Pearly Shells, Vulgar Grad, Gotye, Cleverhorse, Lamine Sonko and many more.

Band members performing:

  • Nathan Ford (sousaphone)
  • Adam Duffy (drums)
  • Dan Macdonald (drums)
  • Gideon Brazil (tenor sax)
  • Nick Lester (bari sax)
  • Wes Mowson (trombone)
  • James Macaulay (trombone)
  • Edward Fairlie, Adrian Perger  (trumpet)

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