4.00pm-5.00pm, Sunday 5th November 2017, St Pat’s Hall

Lo-Res is the primary creative outlet of Flautist Belinda Woods, an ensemble that has accompanied and supported Belinda’s doctoral research into her artistic identity as an improviser and composer.

Belinda’s music is “lyrical, reflective, and impulsive” (, bringing together diverse and numerous compositional elements ranging from free improvisation to highly intricate structural forms. The compositional framework at play in Lo-Res features an interweaving of contrapuntal melodic lines underscored by driving rhythms and dirty grooves, generating a sound that is unique and distinctive. Whilst featuring the compositional output of one individual, Lo-Res celebrates the talents and distinctive sounds of all six members of the ensemble, embracing the diverse musical characteristics and styles of each member. The strength of the ensemble lies in a compositional and structural foundation that provides unity, direction and a creative springboard for individual expression.

Band members performing:

  • Belinda Woods (flute)
  • Tim Pledger (sax)
  • Gemma Horbury (trumpet)
  • Alastair Watts (bass)
  • Daniel Brates (drums)
  • Diego Villalta (guitar)

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