Colliding Balls

2pm, Saturday October 29 – Pinsent Hotel (3 sets)

In withdrawal from the fame and glory cast lavished upon the Yarra Yarras in the 60s and Frank Traynor’s groups in the 70s, Clarinetist Denis Ball has ensconced himself in a very quiet and cosy scene that centres around a small bakery in Balnarring. There he gathers weekly to drink music and play wine with his mates. Pivotal to the bakery crew is the infinitely experienced drummer, Ron Sandilands, who was Melbourne’s busiest session/ studio drummer for decades.

Much to Denis’ chagrin, his son, trumpeter Eugene Ball (Hoodangers, Andrea Keller 4tet, Australian Art Orchestra), occasionally coerces him to share the same stage. Saturday October 29 will be just such an occasion. Joining Denis, Ron and Eugene will be Tamara Murphy (Murphy’s Law, Keller-Murphy-Browne) on bass and Sam Keevers (Red Fish Blue, Los Cabrones) on piano.

Come and join them in the salubrious surrounds of the Pinsent Hotel for an afternoon of swinging songs that should sound like… well, in (almost) the words of the artist formerly known as Prince (or has he switched back again?): This is what it sounds like, when Balls collide.

“There were soft edges, a sense of lightness and subtle nuances to be valued” – Roger Mitchell,

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