Friends of the Festival

Become a valued Friend of the Festival

By joining us as a ‘Friend of the Festival’, you are supporting a local festival with national (and some say international) importance. The festival plays a significant role in the development of both local and national musicians and is also at the tourism and economic heart of its regional home in Wangaratta.

Tap into a huge market

More than 20,000 patrons attend the festival each year, injecting millions of dollars into Wangaratta’s local and surrounding communities supporting accommodation providers, retailers, trade industries, eateries, tourism and leisure business owners.

Be part of something important

The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues celebrates social, economic and artistic exploration. It brings people and communities together and is at the core of Wangaratta’s identity.

We value your support

Your support through the ‘Friends of the Festival’ program not only returns community and corporate goodwill, it is rewarded by a range of additional commercial benefits. Our ‘Friends’ are warmly acknowledged for their generosity and support in local media and the festival’s marketing collateral.

How to get involved in 2018

Watch out for information an ways to get on board – coming in mid-July