Announcement from the Board

A new arrangement for Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues is pleased to introduce our new Programming Team; a fresh collaboration of four immensely talented and enthusiastic jazz and blues experts who bring a balance of experience and expertise from both musical disciplines.

The quartet will build on the festival’s foundation as Australia’s premier jazz and blues festival to ensure the ongoing success of our beloved and iconic regional event by leading us into a new age of world class jazz and blues programming.

Jazz fans will recognise the names Adam Simmons and Zoe Hauptmann, who lead the Jazz section.

Adam is a Melbourne based composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator with artistic direction experience at the Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival, Festival of Slow Music and 100:25:1. Last year Adam’s ensemble Origami delighted festival fans and those with longer memories may recall Adam’s first performance at Wangaratta in 1997.

“Twenty years later, it is a great honour to be in this role and I am excited by the energy amongst the programming team and the strong support of the Festival’s Board.”

Zoe Hauptmann is the Artistic Director for Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA), co-artistic director for the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival and is also one of the country’s busiest bassists having also performed at Wangaratta as recently as last year with the fabulous MWIJF Quintet. Coming from a jazz background, Zoe plays both acoustic and electric bass and has a deep love of the local scene.

“… I look forward to showcasing the very best of our homegrown talent at this year’s festival along with some killer internationals thrown in for good measure!”

Blues and festival fans alike will be familiar with the names Frank Davidson and Scott Solimo.

Frank is a blues guru who shares his love of blues on his weekly radio show A Different Shade of Blue and has previously assisted with the artistic direction of the Blues and Garden stages at Wangaratta during his long festival association as a volunteer and board member.

Frank brings a commitment to building on the festival’s heritage by undertaking that, “… artistic directions are faithfully followed for 2017 and beyond.”

Scott too has a long connection with our festival, as a blues performer and for the past seven years as artistic director for the Community Stage and more recently the Gardens and Blues Stages.

“I really look forward to working with our Artistic Directors to provide Wangaratta the best possible festival for years to come.”

Please join us in welcoming this fabulous quartet and wishing them well on the journey to strengthen our great festival as the best place for jazz and blues. If you’d like to know more about our programming team, you can do so by clicking here.

The team is already hard at work developing the programme for the 2017 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues which we look forward to sharing with you soon.