1:00 – 2:00pm, Saturday 3 November, WPAC Theatre

A virtuoso player of saxophones, clarinets, flute and shakuhachi, Adam Simmons stretches the boundaries of modern composition and infuses a sense of wonder and playfulness into musical art forms better known for their gravitas. His performances are not so much ‘concerts’ as staged auditory spectacles—drawing audiences in to share in the uniquely communal power and euphoria of his music and art.

Simmons will present The Calling, the fourth project of his acclaimed The Usefulness of Art concert series and will launch the complete CD box set. Inspired by sounds and experiences from Simmons’ first-time visit to Sri Lanka in 2016 including workshops with percussionist Ray Pereira, this is the most intensely personal of his works to date.


Adam Simmons soprano sax
Cara Taber soprano/tenor sax
Paul Simmons alto sax
Sam Boon alto sax
Gemma Horbury trumpet
Gavin Cornish trumpet
Bryn Hills trombone
Pete Lawler space drum
Nat Grant vibraphone
Carmen Chan xylophone
Hugh Harvey drums
Niko Schauble drums
Howard Cairns bass
Miranda Hill bass
David Brown guitar
Christine Crawshaw costumier
Vikram Iyengar movement/choreographer
Afro Lankan Drumming System (Ray Pereira/Kanchana Karunaratna)
Sally Blackwood dramaturg
Jean Poole  visual projection