4:00 – 5:00pm, Saturday 3 November, Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Christopher Young Quartet has existed for 4 years and in this time, 3 recordings have been produced and reviewed by critic John Shand, with 2 of these recordings (Atmospheres and Digital Analogue) both receiving 4 and a half stars!

Atmospheros was released on the Move record label whilst Digital Analogue was released on the Newmarket series.
John Shand had stated that Christopher Young has a ‘gift for crafting charged atmospheres to improvise on’ and also suggested that the album Digital Analogue was one of the most compelling works he has heard this year and that his previous album Atmospheros is to be one of the most outstanding albums he has heard over the last few years.

The album Digital Analogue, Shand says the album keeps you in grip with Young’s full blooded sounds on saxophones, clarinets and flutes. Always asking questions of himself.

The fusion of Ted and Nick maintains a furious dialogue and restrained dialogue underneath. Shand also states, if a boa constrictor could sing it would sound like Chris’s Bass Clarinet.

The instrument often sounds moody or demur but in Young’s lungs it becomes monstrous boasting an urgency that continually blisters the musics surface, yet it sinuousness remains the same.

The music is a synthesis between contemporary music and improvised jazz with interesting compositions and this year the ensemble are very excited about performing in the Holy Trinity Cathedral.


Christopher Young baritone sax, bass clarinet, clarinet soprano sax and flutes
Tom Fryer guitar
Nick Haywood bass
Ted Vining drums