10:00am – 1:00pm, Saturday 3 November, Pinsent Hotel

High Society Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2007 by well-known Wangaratta musician and teacher Doug McGregor. He plays clarinet and saxophone and is still part of the current line-up, which includes two other reed players, two trumpets, one trombone and piano, drums, guitar and double bass.

Rob Humphrey plays trumpet and also provides an authentic interpretation of 1920s male jazz vocals. Jo Cossor brings a range of vocal styles from Betty Boop to Ella Fitzgerald. We also play 1940s swing era tunes with our own Andrews Sisters style vocal trio, The Society Sisters.


Doug McGregor saxophones, clarinet

Bryce McMurray saxophone

Leo Whyte saxophone

David Roe trumpet

Rob Humphrey trumpet, vocals

David Ashfield trombone

Alison Davey piano, vocals

Lorne Campbell drums

Ian Wade guitar

Jo Cossor vocals

Treena Costin vocals

Stephen McGregor double bass