4:30 – 5:30pm, Sunday 4 November, WPAC Hall

A group of world class musicians come together in this project to create original music inspired by strong friendship and a spirit of adventure. Julian Banks Group features some of Australia’s finest musicians in a unique collaboration with Indonesian master percussionist Cepi Kusmiadi on the Kendang Sunda*.

Kusmiadi’s mastery of this beautiful traditional Indonesian instrument creates a perfect bed for the modern grooves of Julian Banks’s original compositions.

The group has thrilled audiences here in Australia as well as in Indonesia, with recent performances
including: Ubud Village Jazz Festival (Bali) ’15,’16,’17, Wonderful Indonesia Beach Festival 2017, Laughing Buddha Bar (Bali), Bar Luna (Bali), Paris Cat (Bali + Melbourne) Smiths Alternative, Bookshop (Canberra) Django Bar (Sydney) and Unorthodox Church Of Groove (Newcastle).

Julian Banks is promoting this group’s new album ‘AGUNG’ – named after the Indonesian Volcano scaled by the group a week before it threatened to erupt. Recorded at ‘Antida Studios’ (Denpasar, Indonesia) ‘AGUNG’ captures the spirit of good friends tackling adventure head on through musical collaboration.
Showcasing the music at festivals and venues throughout Indonesia and Australia, be sure to catch them live if you can… A show not to be missed!

*The Kendang Sunda is a set of two-headed drums used by people across many southeast Asian countries, but the oldest records of this instrument can be found in Indonesia’s ancient temples, including ninth century Borobudur.


Julian Banks saxophone
James Hauptmann drums
Chris Hale bass
Cepi Kusmiadi percussion