Paris Zachariou & Mark Bolsius

Community Program, 3.45pm Sunday 1 November

This will be an entertaining performance of swing and big band tunes by these quality local musicians.
Sunday Community Program Tickets (free)

Paris Zachariou is an accomplished singer and entertainer who has performed throughout Australia for the last 25 years.

His love of music developed at a very young age when he studied classical guitar with the help and encouragement of his parents and this is where his musical journey began.  After living in Melbourne with his family for 22 years he made the move to Wangaratta in 1995 where he continues to enjoy life with is young family of 3 children and youngish wife.

Throughout his career Paris has had the opportunity to perform at many amazing events with one of the highlights being opening for Oprah Winfrey back in 2010 on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Paris has a love for classic ballads and big band music and was inspired after a chance meeting with Mark Bolsius in Wangaratta in 2014 at David & Lois Lawson’s final garden party where they had a chance to perform a few tunes together.  There was always a plan to perform together but life simply got in the way.  Paris is excited to present a great lineup of songs that are dear to both him & Mark and perform in a very intimate setting on a piano that has an amazing history.