7:00 – 8:15pm, Saturday 3 November, Blues stage

Ray is in the mood to play some blues!!

In this show you will hear the sound of Ray playing a more traditional style of blues with the smooth stylings of longtime friend “Ian Hollister” on Blues Harp. Creating the classic sound of Jump Blues combos from the 50s before they called it Rock n Roll.

They will be joined by Ben Edwards Bass, George Brugmans Drums, Clayton Doley Keyboard, Illya Szwec Rhythm Guitar and Ian Hollister Blues Harp.

Ray Beadle is the genuine article, his music comes deep from the heart and soul, stirring emotions in people with his guitar genius. Ray’s music is rich with a deep history of the Blues; Rich from 20 years of experiences garnered from performing Nationally and Internationally; and rich from a deep understanding of his instrument and how to make it stir something within the listener.  He knows that’s what the Blues is about.

Ray’s guitar and vocal styles evoke numerous blues legends, whilst concocting a breathtaking style all of his own.  It is not by chance that Ray has become a favourite amongst Australian blues and music fans.

Accolades include:
2007 Winner of The Sydney Blues Society / Australian Blues Music Performer of the Year
1998 Australian Blues Music Award Winner Best Male Artist
1997 Australian Blues Music Award Winner Best New Male Artist
The Good Life (2002)
Loaded (2009)
It’s Personal (April 2010)
Spellbound (2012)
Ray Beadle Live (2013)



Ray Beadle guitar and vocals
George Brugmans drums
Ben Edwards bass
Ian Hollister blues harp
Ilya Szwec rhythm guitar
Clayton Doley keyboard