1:00 – 2:00pm, Sunday 4 November, WPAC Theatre

Tina Harrod is recognized as one of Australia’s greatest soul singers. With Fijian and Welsh heritage, she was born in NZ and is based in Sydney. Tina’s latest album received rave reviews – it is produced and co-written by keyboardist Stu Hunter and takes her songwriting and vocal skills to yet another plane. City of Longing is an emotionally charged, soul-wrenching album performed by exceptional musicians.

On stage with Tina and Stu are Dave Symes, Matt Keegan, Evan Mannell, James Greening, Cameron Deyell, Ray Cassar, Virna Sanzone and Lisa Spence.

“This is the album Tina Harrod had in her all along… Now she has achieved the exceptional, almost song by song and bar by bar. Further realising that potential is brilliant musicianship and production… Burning through the dazzling arrangements comes Harrod’s voice, a blowtorch of intensity that can subside to moments of affecting tenderness.” John Shand, The Age, SMH June 2018


Tina Harrod vocals
Matt Keegan saxophone
Evelyn Duprai vocals
Lisa Spence vocals
Dave Symes bass
Evan Mannell drums
Cameron Deyell guitar
Stu Hunter piano
James Greening trombone
Ray Cassar trumpet
Virna Sanzone vocals