WOLFA: Jenny Barnes & Mick Meagher

Appearing in I Heart Improv, 8.15pm, Wednesday 28 October

Exhilarating improvised works, commissioned by the Festival from leading and emerging artists:

Maria Moles, drums

Scott Tinkler, trumpet

WOLFA: Jenny Barnes, voice, & Mick Meagher, electric bass*

*Co-presented with the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative

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Subverting the gendered voice and exploiting the performativity of body voice and sound, this visionary duo play with ecstatic, cathartic unintelligible language, low frequency resonances, glacial rhythmic patterns to compose geological formations of sounds. They are homage to the imperative practice of play. Feelings of being bruised, unlocked, washed and cleansed are evoked by a performance from this formidable duo.

Electric bassist, Mick Meagher, and vocalist, Jenny Barnes, began improvising together in January 2016.

Their debut album Cluster released August 2016.

Cluster is an outing of two of the most creative individual musicians on the scene today. Musically telepathic, Jenny and Mick flow with ease through these compositions, creating a journey of surprises and joy to the ears and mind. Music that truly can’t be categorised, beyond being most excellent and beautiful.” Scott Tinkler

A wonderful subversion of expectation by Barnes and Meagher on this album; Barnes employing all the devices of speech but excluding language to a directly musical interaction with Meagher on bass. I haven’t heard anything like it before. Utterly approachable and absorbing improvisation.” Sam Price – Cyclic Defrost, Feb 2018

Their second offering, Sad Mannequin, was released in 2019 under the moniker WOLFA