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Thank you for considering a donation to the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues. We’re grateful for your support.

Donations are tax deductible and we’ll email or post you a donation receipt, depending on whether you make your donation online or offline.

Donations will be used to:

  • do the strategic and planning work that’s lined up for 2019
  • create a fantastic 30th birthday celebration in 2020
  • continue to offer opportunity and prizes through the National Jazz Awards
  • help set us up for a bright future.

How your donation can help…

We’ve suggested some amounts and given you an opportunity to tell us where you would like your donation to go. There are many, many costs involved in running a festival. There are also costs around keeping the organisation healthy so we can keep running festivals for a long time into the future.

National Jazz Awards

We’d like to increase the prize money offered to National Jazz Awards winners, and offer them more performance and professional development opportunities. Aside from prize money, accommodation and travel for the finalists,  NJA costs also include judging fees, accommodation, travel and a heap of administration – and it all needs to be funded.

Festival stories – to promote and inspire

We’d like to be able to tell more stories about the festival and feed the flame that’s kept the festival alive in peoples’ hearts for nearly thirty years. That rekindled flame feeds the vibe of the festival, as well as the more concrete ticket sales. To reignite and fan the flames, we need a great marketing campaign, including gifted copywriters and designers.

A cushion for a rainy day

Government has a role to play in financing important events like this one, but we also need to become self-sustaining, so we try to plan for a small surplus each year. Most government funding bodies like to see 20% of the revenue tucked away for a rainy day. Due to a combination of factors, our surplus is sadly depleted and you could help build it up again.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers keep us together. Love gets us halfway there. Funding makes it real. We’d like to be able to offer some additional services to look after the wellbeing of festival volunteers, including hiring a volunteer coordinator to make sure all their needs are met.

Additional artist costs

Like most festivals, we fund our artist fees through ticket sales, but the cost of bringing an artist or a band to Wangaratta also include travel, accommodation and a shuttle service to get them between accommodation and venue. Your donation can help with these extra costs.

Prefer to speak to someone about your donation?

If you have trouble using this form or would prefer to talk to someone about your donation, please contact Miriam by phone on 0407 664 202 or by email at

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