Cup Weekend 2024

Message from the Chair

20 June 2019

Firstly I want to take a moment to briefly introduce myself. I have been with the festival board since 2014 in varying roles, and am pleased to be the transitional chair for 2019. I look forward to working with the terrific new members of the board, and past members to create a lasting sustainable platform for the festival to go into the 30th anniversary with thirty more years in the works.

We have had a productive couple of months, highlighted by the appointment of our new general manager, Leanne Mulcahy. Leanne has picked up the threads of the role and is guiding us through key milestones  in the areas of strategic planning, fundraising and organisational process.

During this time we are also continuing to work closely with Creative Victoria who continue to be tremendous supporters of the festival.

I would also like to thank Miriam Zolin for the wonderful work put in place during the first few months since the AGM. On-going efforts behind the scenes ensure that we are heading in a prosperous direction. Miriam, along with Michael Iacovino continue to volunteer their time as Secretary and Vice Chair respectively, while we welcome Luke Fernandes as our co-opted treasurer. Luke’s work as a tax account steads him as a terrific addition to the team, and his experience as a musician provides an extra layer of value to the festival as he oversees the  our financial systems. Also new to the board, Max Williams, Graham Cook, Rod Mann, Sean Foran and Peter Adams. In coming weeks be providing details of their backgrounds on the website.

For now – stay in touch. We’ll be sending out regular newsletters from now on, and look forward to sharing our news as we work towards an exciting 30th anniversary celebration.

Dave Fuller,  Chair
Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues