from Friday 3rd NOV 2023

One More Mile

A community engagement project for the 32nd Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival

Join artist and educator David Godkin for a fun community drawing workshop for artists aged 5 -90:

>> Thursday 6th Oct 415pm at Yarrunga Primary School

>> Saturday 8th Oct 10am at Wangaratta Library


  • The title comes from a song composed by American blues multi –instrumentalist Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown.
  • The car chase scenes from the cult 1984 American film “The Blues Brothers”.
  • The 1955 painting “The Car” by Australian painter John Bracks. (Part of the NGV collection.)
  • Car drawings by Michael Leunig.
  • Artwork on many LPs and Cds such as Clarence Gatemouth Brown`s “One More Mile” LP features the artist in the drivers seat of his car. # Check out blues star John Lee Hooker`s album cover photo “Mr Lucky” as another example.

Materials needed

  • A3 paper. (If possible, A3 cartridge paper )
  • Grey Lead pencil, coloured pencils, textas, and black fine liners.

How to do it!

  • Place your A3 paper Horizontal, or Landscape.
  • Use your grey lead to sketch a car from a side view. It can be your car or simply a general car. You choose how much detail to add. # Important ..your sketch must fill most of the paper. Think of your paper as a car parking space. Your car should fill most of it. Almost touching both ends of the paper. Check the example supplied on the Jazz/Blues Festival website. # Ideally, your car should be driving or facing to the right.#
  • When you are happy with the car drawing and it`s a suitable size now is the time for colour and to add a driver and passengers plus car type details. Outline everything with a fine liner pen so it stands out. **Make sure the music and words being sung or played in your car are **BOLD**

Special challenges

  1. 2022 marks thirty two years of Wangaratta Jazz and Blues festivals. In your car drawing can you think of clever ways to include the number 32? Eg some sort of sticker? Or a car engine capacity?
  2. How many people are going to be inside your car? Check out the John Bracks painting “The Car”. (#Google it on the NGV website.) It has a family of four. Some of them are looking ahead and some are turned to look out the window. How much of a person can you actually see through a car window? #ALSO…Look at how book illustrators draw people in cars for some ideas. # AnotherHint ..Take a side on photo of a car with people in it as models. It may help with drawing the car and passengers.
  3. IMPORTANT: All the cars being drawn are driving to Wangaratta for the 32nd Festival and everyone in each car is listening to music as they travel. (Even any pets on board!) What sort of music would you and your passengers be listening to? Jazz? Blues? Hip Hop? Pop? Heavy Metal Rock? Polka? Classical? Opera? Country?
  4. CHALLENGE: Just like in the Blues Brothers film there is always music being played in the “Bluesmobile”. Write some words and music coming out of your car. It may be loud so make it BIG and BOLD so we can “Hear” it! Hint..the 2020 The 2022 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues National Jazz award is for guitar. Maybe your cars passengers could be playing one? Or, there could be one in the car somewhere?
  5. Don’t Forget: On the walls of your tyres please write in circular fashion your name (age or year level, and school, if you are a school student) and home town. It should look like the brand name does on a normal car tyre.

All the car drawings will be collectively displayed before and during the festival in various Wangaratta shop and office windows lined up end to end along “Highway 31” as they listen to music, or sing, while heading to Wangaratta for the 32nd Jazz and Blues Festival .

This way they can be viewed from the street while allowing for any social distancing that has to occur.

Artists, please be aware that some work may be photographed.

It is planned that all artworks will be returned to the artists but hopefully a selection of photographed works will be placed into a community momento photo book as permanent record of this festival community engagement project.