Support Us


Wangaratta Jazz and Blues is listed on the Australian Register of Cultural Organisations which means financial donations over $2 to our Jazz and Blues Development Funds are tax deductible.

If you are currently preparing your tax affairs for the end of the financial year, we ask you to consider a donation to the Festival.  Donations to the Festival’s Jazz & Blues Artists’ Development Fund are fully tax deductible and are used to fund the following programs that form an intrinsic part of our Festival:

  • Our internationally renowned National Youth Jazz Awards, now in their 28th year, and
  • For commissioning and premiering the exciting national and international new works we enjoy hearing each year from some of Australia’s best musicians.

If your tax situation does not allow for a donation, you can help in other ways through in-kind support, provision of professional services pro bono, or by simply volunteering over the Festival weekend.  You may also consider remembering the Festival in your will via a bequest. Any assistance you can give will help in the effort to secure our Festival’s longer term future.

As a community owned and operated event that benefits not only the jazz and blues community, but importantly makes a considerable economic, social and artistic contribution to the community of Wangaratta and broader North East Victoria, we trust that you will find our Festival worthy of your consideration.

If you have any queries about our donations program, please contact us by email at  Your support would be most appreciated and warmly recognised.