Welcome to Jazz country

This year marks our 27th festival and what a great journey it has been. We have weathered the challenges faced by regional music festivals with the support of our community and an ability to adapt and deliver.

Our programming is our cornerstone and with the inclusion of our family friendly King George Gardens stage we deliver quality live music for fans of Jazz, Blues and lovers of live music generally.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy all the best of serious jazz and blues in the context of a fun and friendly festival held in this beautiful part of regional Victoria with world class music, renowned local food and wine, breathtaking natural environment and local culture.

This year’s festival brings even more colour to the streets with live art events and the King George Gardens is the place to relax and enjoy the best of the region.

The 2016 National Jazz Awards instrument is the saxophone and our programme features not only some established jazz and blues icons but excitingly a number of emerging stars of the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jazz country.

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Our Venues: The places to be

By Emma Jones. Our Jazz and Blues festival is best known for the caliber and volume of artists that grace the program each year. To attract such quality (and quantity) is a credit not only to the work of our Artistic Director, our event management and our board but also to the legacy of a ‘friendly festival’. Each year we hear from performers and f...

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A Message from the Creative Director

By Adrian Jackson, Creative Director, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues. One of the questions I can expect each year when the program is announced is ‘what is the theme for this year’s festival?’ Generally, I avoid programming to a theme. My goal is always to assemble a balanced, varied and strong program, and I feel that programming to a the...

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King George Gardens Stage Programme 2016

By Scott Solimo, Gardens Stage Artistic Director. Building the program for the new Gardens Stage for the 2016 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues has been a real honour. Tasked to create a compilation of acts that would excite a new generation of festival goers, embrace our loyal patrons and once again welcome home friends and family from in an...

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