Welcome to the 2015 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues.
Venture to Victoria’s high country this Spring to enjoy live music from some of the world’s finest jazz and blues artists and discover the rich experiences our region offers. Stroll friendly streets to find music in new spaces, visit bountiful valleys and beautiful places.
If it’s all about the music then your Gold Pass guarantees access to all shows and a year’s worth of live music or for the adventurers, mix in some regional experiences with your Festival Pass.
So get the band together and join us in Jazz country for four days of Jazz, blues and high country hospitality.
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Welcome News

Welcome a new festival

In my last blog I discussed the challenges of putting together a festival programme, particularly when that festival is in a stage of evolution. This year’s Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues boasts an exceptional line up of jazz and blues artistst but we have also introduced some exciting ‘cross-over’ acts, as I refer to them. These performer...

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Five ways to avoid sleep in Jazz country

Jack Kerouac inspired the Beat Generation with his dreamy prose and tales of friendship and adventure with an implied jazz back beat. It seems appropriate then to paraphrase from the magnificent On the Road when contemplating a long weekend in Jazz country, where, with so many interesting things to do, who’s got time to sleep? For over twenty five...

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Artistic Director Adrian Jackson introduces this year’s programme

Every year brings a couple of familiar challenges. First, how to match the musical standard of last year’s festival ; and second, with so many accomplished and interesting bands submitting an application, deciding which ones can’t be included this time around. This year posed a further challenge: a new format with new spaces presented the opportuni...

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